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reflection paper of>

Topic:You are going to make an argument about the text or idea, while also

incorporating outside research to enhance your analysis. This paper is a response to

something we’ve read and/or discussed in class. A response is part of a conversation.

Don’t just summarize what we’ve read and/or talked about. Say something new.

Prompts:    Write a paper based on The Trials of Socrates. You must have a clear argument

pertaining to a theme/idea/issue raised in our discussion of the book. This is not just a

summary of the text, rather it’s an analysis of something that interested you about the

text that you wish to take further. Treat the text and your research in a meaningful way.

Possible topics could include philosophy, wisdom, religion vs. the state vs. the people,

resistance/revolution, justice system, Socratic method, questioning the status quo,

corruption, age disparity, fraternities, education, reason, platonic theory, piety, rhetoric

and communication, influence, death penalty, elections, justice, power of the people,

“the unexamined life is not worth living,” public vs. private, and loyalty/disloyalty.

Evaluation:      Essays will be evaluated on how effectively you discuss the text(s),

the quality of the thought demonstrated, and the quality of your writing – so please be

sure to revise and proofread for spelling, grammar, etc. Make connections between

texts and research. Look outside the conventions of your typical research paper. Think

about how people write articles. They bring in pop culture, history, current events, life

experience, etc. Do that! In short, try to say something interesting, and try to say it well.

!!! You must use at least THREE outside sources. !!!

!!! At least FOUR pages !!!

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