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reflection paper student involvement

Review the list of student organization and select one of interest to you. Attend a meeting or contact a student leader from the organization to get more information. In your reflection, address the following questions:

  • Describe the student organization: 
    • What do they do?
    • How often do they meet?
    • What type of a commitment does it take to join the organization?
  • Reflect on how the student organization will impact you: 
    • How will you balance your school and other commitments with this extracurricular opportunity?
    • How will the organization benefit you?
  • What are you excited about after attending the meeting and/or talking with the student organization representatives?

Write a well-organized reflection, 2 pages in length (typed, double-spaced). 

Be sure to review the grading rubric before you begin this assignment, which can be found in the course syllabus or by clicking on the assignment name above and selecting "View Rubric."

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