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ss” Our class will use the Bible as a primary text for providing ethical dilemmas to fuel our class discussions. At the beginning of the term, you will select a text from the Bible that you find interesting from an ethical standpoint, and one week prior to the day when you will lead the class, you will be informed that you will lead the class discussion of the day. You will begin our discussion by describing how you apply your chosen Bible text to the philosophy or theological emphasis we are scheduled to study that day, and you will also be expected to know the reading material for that day as well so that you can challenge your classmates to apply the ideas of the day to current ethical dilemmas. You should prepared to lead our class discussion of your assigned Bible story and topic for at least fifteen (15) minutes to receive credit for this assignment. You will earn twenty (20) points by fulfilling these requirements. Be creative! This assignment fulfills the Spiritual Values University Outcome for learning.

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