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religion of the world

So for this weekâs discussion board there are a few things I am hoping you will consider as you read through these brief readings, once again you may comment on all of these questions, some of these questions, or what interests you the most from the readings, but you have to write at least 500 words, provide me critical analysis, demonstrate you have done the readings, and write well (i.e., grammar, spelling, paragraph structure, etc.)

Both our authors this week discuss empathy as a human virtue and as a methodological tool for studying other people. What is the value in this methodology? Can it be fully accomplished? What might make Milesâ methodological use of empathy slightly easier than the empathy Smart discusses? How might the study of texts make empathy easier?

Both of our authors this week discuss the comparative method. What is different or similar in their respective methodologies? What pitfalls do Smart and Miles consider respectively? How might the study of texts make the comparative method easier? What cannot be considered by looking solely at texts?

Thinking back to what you read last week regarding some of the consistencies, inconsistencies, and definitional issues of religion, what attempts if any do our authors this week make to deal with such issues? Are they successful in their attempts? Why or why not?

No right or wrong answers, just some general impressions, but make sure you explain yourself to the fullest of your capabilities. Thank you and please email me immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Write a two to three page essay on two traditions of your choosing. Analyze the traditions utilizing the skills you have learned from week one and week two. For more details see section marked Mid-Term and Final papers following the Course Schedule in this syllabus. Instructor will also provide more information on assignment as course continues and will be available for any questions. Mid-

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