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Religion study about Romantic love

For this assignment you will reflect on the link between marriage and romantic love and write up your own thoughtful opinions in a discussion paper, in preparation for an in-class discussion on Monday June 24th. Some questions you might want to consider include:

v  Is romantic lovean appropriate basis for marriage, or has it been unhelpful overall in bringing marriage satisfaction?

v  Does, as Alain de Botton argues, our romantic culture place “excessive imaginative pressure” upon marriage?

v  Should the choiceof whom we marry only be left to us as individuals? Could it, in fact, be liberating to not have the onus of choice on your shoulders?

v  Is an arranged marriagean attractive option? Could you imagine it for yourself?

v  Does online datingincrease or decrease the chances of finding a suitable marriage partner and creating a committed and loving attachment bond?

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