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Reporting Accounting Assignment

Key Points:

For each topic, you will develop 3 key insights or new ideas from the readings

by integrating two or more readings WITH other material, other courses, or life experiences.

The purpose is for you to organize and synthesize the material, as well as think critically about the

readings. These points are limited to one page. Number each point.

These should be no more than two pages.

o the first assignment is a key point assignment where you read the articles I have attached and do what it says above. The second assignment id the powerpoint that I sent you the first time. The link I included is in the section where the assignment instructions are if it ask you to sign in (i will give if needed)

There are three parts to this assignment each article (first two links) needs to have a key point which is explained above and the third part is the case study which is in the powerpoint.

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