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Written Report

1.   The report must use your own language and should specify the reference(s) from which the information is taken. If you cut and paste a sentence you must use quotation marks and write the author, year, and page number in brackets in the text after the quotation.

2.   The report must:

  • have a cover page
  • use Times New Romans or Arial, font size: 12
  • have a space of 1.5 between lines,
  • be 3 full pages in length (not including the reference list)
  • start each paragraph with a topic sentence
  • be written in the first person (use “I” or “my” or “me”)
  • use full sentences and paragraphs (not bullet points)

3.   The report must use the following headings:      


Include a clear thesis statement or the purpose of this assignment and why it is important. State your major, briefly explain your career aspirations, where you would like to work upon graduating and why you chose this company.

Background of the Company and accreditation

Select a company where you would like to work upon graduation. Briefly describe the history of the company, location, its founding year, its main products, its markets, its number of employees. Bring as much detail as possible about this company.

Opportunities at the Company

Describe the opportunities you will have available to you when you join the company. Look at opportunities such as further training, accommodation, promotions, working overseas, and salary increases. Give specific examples.

Challenges and Demands at the Company

Describe the challenges and demands that you may encounter in the workplace during a career at the company. Give specific examples.

Career Path at the Company

This section must be one full page. First, state if you need to be accredited to be able to work for this company. If the company requires accreditation, explain what the requirements are.  Next, list and explain four job positions  you may pass through on a career path at the company Describe possible career path stages you may have at the company. Focus on four job positions in such a career path. For each job position give the name of the position, special certificates needed, particular skills or training you will need, and the number of years you should work in the position before you can advance up to the next position.


Restate the thesis statement, include a summary of the key points from the body paragraphs, and say how these key points answer the assignment


Include at least 3 references. The references can be from e-brary, books, newspapers, or the internet (but not lecture slides). You must cite the author and year in the text of the essay. You must cite the references in APA.

My major is computer engneering my career job at Aramco company

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