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Final research papers will focus on a topic related to victimization and its relation to the Criminal Justice system. 

General Outline

Your paper should be organized according to the following general outline. You should introduce the topic and explain exactly what it is you are going to cover and what you are not covering. Explain why this subject is important. Is there a problem? If so, what exactly is it? What kind of evidence is there to confirm the problem? Is the issue related to any particular theory? Have there been any limitations to the methods that have been used to understand any of these issues? The main body of your paper should summarize the available literature on the subject.


Final Research Paper should 15 pages. If you hand in less than 15 pages the proportion of the paper missing will be deducted from your grade. 

For all papers please follow the below Grading-Rubric

Papers must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point-Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and use APA format for the citations. Points will be deducted from papers not meeting this format. The number of points deducted will be at the discretion of the instructor.

For your own education, and peace of mind maintain a copy of all coursework in a portfolio. You are expected to carefully proofread your work for grammar, spelling and general writing mechanics. You are encouraged to seek assistance from the Writing Mentorship Program.


All written assignment must be typed or word processed and double spaced in a font that allows for approximately 250 words per page (12 in PC-font types), 1-inch margins, and must be turned in by the due date on the Blackboard. Use APA format. At least 3 outside sources, cited within the paper and as a bibliography at the end of the paper 


Focus on the topic assigned (Did it fully answer the question(s).topics provided? 

Explain ideas or opinion stated (Did the answer convey student's understanding of the topic or question?

Correct analysis of ideas, concepts, questions, theories... (Did the essay or answer offer substantial remarks?)

Provide logical explanations and/or use specific excerpts from the text to support arguments or answers. 

Reach logical, supportable conclusions and add a reference page for all your sources  


The correct length 

Free of typos and spelling errors (punctuation, quotation marks) 

Free of bad sentence structure syntax (grammar, complete and logical paragraphs). 

Properly formatted (font, margins, references, etc.) 

Final draft quality (Neat, well presented)

I am open to hear comments, questions or clarifications before the test or assignment is due.  

Late papers will NOT be accepted

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