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Research and select an article(s) from the Week 3

Research and select an article(s) from the Week 3 Electronic Reserve Readings. UOP ISCOM/472 Week #3 Individual Assignment

Summarize the article(s) you have chosen in a 350-word paper.

Explain how your selected article(s) relate(s) to two of the four Week 3 Objectives.

Week 3 Objectives: Work Process Improvement Identification:

3.1 Explain DMAIC and how it is utilized throughout the change management and problem solving processes.

3.2 Examine the 5 Whys and explain how they are an effective tool in change Management.

3.3 Examine the 5S Lean System and explain the advantages to manufacturing or office environment.

3.4 Examine the benefit and importance of accurately documenting the To-Be Process.

3.5 Create a To-Be Process flowchart.

Reference the article according to APA guidelines.

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