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Research Paper on Alzheimers/Dementia

Instructions: The topic of the research paper will be any disease or condition of the body. The paper must include a thorough description of the disease/condition; current statistics of those affected - epidemiology; financial costs both terms of treatment and loss of productivity; explanations on how the various body systems (anatomically and/or physiologically) are affected; etiology; medications/treatments that are available; prognosis of those affected, and future outlook in general.

*Your paper must be submitted as an MS Word document (.doc, .docx file).

Your paper should be written in the THIRD PERSON taking the individual out of the writing and avoiding pronouns such as I, we, my, our (first person) and you, yours, your, us, we (second person). You should deal with facts and not opinions, thus providing citations within your paper and on your reference page. Focus on the subject itself and not on your feelings about the subject. The use of third person retains a formal tone in your writing. The use of first and second person can make a document seem more casual.

Paper Topic

The topic of the research paper will be any disease or condition of the body.  The paper must include a thorough description of the disease/condition; current statistics of those affected; explanations on how the various body systems are affected; and any medications/treatments that are available, if any.


·         The paper should be complete and the main body should be 1000-1500 words in length (excluding cover page, abstract, references, etc.).

Utilize APA Style format and references.

Utilize at least five current and reliable sources.  You can use Internet articles, journals, text books, etc. In fact, I strongly recommend that you utilize the APUS Online Library for your research as they offer a plethora of reliable and pertinent research sources.

Utilize one inch margins on all sides.

·         Double-space your paper.

·         Use either an Arial or Times New Roman font in a 10 or 12 point font.

·         Include a cover page, an abstract, page headers, in-text citations, and a reference page.

·         Submit a high-quality paper, free of spelling and grammatical errors; use your Spelling and Grammar checker in Word AND proofread your final draft!!!

·         Should be written in your own words; answers should not be copied from other sources - see section on plagiarism.  Properly formatted in- text citations and references are required as noted above.

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