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There is many problems in the Americans Health Care system today, number one being that not all Americans have healthcare coverage. The second major problem with health care today is the high cost that makes it difficult for people to afford. In this article, Wanda Wickizer, suffers a subarachnoid hemorrhage that causes her to be in a semi-comatose state for three weeks. Weeks after arriving home Wickizer, started receiving multiple hospitals and medical bills that cost up to about half a million dollars. The reason why this issue is occurring today is due to the complex system of alphanumeric codes and arcane medical abbreviations used for billing and coding. A simple example of this could be the flu shot that should cost at most $25.00. With the alphanumeric codes and arcane medical abbreviation, the same procedure could cost up to $1000.00 with a simple change of codes.

Other contributors to the high cost of health care are the increase of technology and the increase in chronic illnesses. Technology plays a big role in the quality of care that can be provided to patients. Thanks to technology there have been many new discoveries for existing conditions, as well as medical procedures and diseases diagnoses. But with all these advances comes a great price to the health care system, increasing the price of care in order to provide these services. It is said that 85% of health care cost is spent on a chronic illness which almost about half the population have one of them. Some of these conditions include diabetes and heart disease, which are hard and expensive to treat.

I believe that the only way to control the inflation of health care is by first providing health care! If everyone has the same access to it then alphanumeric codes and arcane medical abbreviations can be completely eliminated. But first and for most giving everyone access to health care will allow for preventative care which is key in controlling health care cost. Once a disease is found early, the sooner it is treated the less it is likely to cost. If people are only seeking health care when faced with a chronic condition then why not provide preventative care in order to lower the rates of people who end up being affected by chronic conditions, especially if almost half of the population is dealing diabetes which can sometimes be prevented with a healthy diet. Yes, it will cost to provide everyone with health insurance but it is an investment because the long run it will save a lot of money.

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