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you must link what you read to either some personal observation or a newspaper article or blog post or something going on in the world.

Students should critically reflect on the concepts and lessons they draw from the week’s readings, and apply those concepts as they are observed in economic development practice in the world around us.  Successful (A-level) memos will include references to one or more articles or other news items that reflect current economic development issues and connect to the week’s topic, and analyze the way(s) example(s) relate to, reflect, and/or conflict with the principles laid out in the course readings for the week.

Your thoughtful write-ups should be equivalent to approximately 1-2 single-spaced pages and should address the following questions:

  • a.What substantive insights into the week’s topic did you gain from the readings?
  • b.What benefits, advantages, tensions, conflicts, trade-offs, or challenges relative to economic development came across in the readings in terms of implementing a particular process, tool, or strategy and its prospects for achieving successful outcomes?
  • c.What strengths and shortcomings were apparent in the author(s)’ discussion? Which points seemed reasonable? Which assertions were problematic?  Why? attached 1

Supplemental readings TBA attached 2   

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