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Respond back to this discussion.There are several benefits to using SaaS for CIC and the two I choose to discuss is in-house staff and customizable.

Respond back to this discussion.

1.There are several benefits to using SaaS for CIC and the two I choose to discuss is in-house staff and customizable. A few complaints or concerns for the staff was being able to utilize this new system with ease. Having the option to implement and manage the new system as well customizing it to the needs of CIC is ideal in this case.

2. Integration- There has been growing concern about being able to use this new system with the company's current architecture. Having to start from scratch is not ideal for CIC. The current team which includes the recruiters, HR, hiring managers, and administrative assistants are all accustomed to using current applications and we would like to keep the same look but make it better and user friendly. SaaS would offer a solution that allows current application to be integrates and/or adopted.

Mobile compatible- the CIO mentioned having challenges with portability, maintenance, and solutions that present well on mobile devices. The team is becoming more depending on this feature and would like to ensure that this is something that gets upgraded due to its expansion globally. All good SaaS vendors have this feature which adds a level of flexibility and is extremely internet friendly.

Security- The CIO's last concern during his interview which is probably the most important is security. CIC cherishing their relationship with their clients and the last thing they want is a security breach which affects the reputation of the company. Information in the wrong hands could hinder the company and most importantly the cliental. SaaS would benefit CIC by ensuring there's a plan and implementation of security infrastructure and protocols which would be documented for CIC.

3. I believe the biggest risk to CIC when outsourcing its IT function is the inability to be able to use the system as needed and as a fast as they would need it in order to ensure new hires for new contracts. The challenge currently for CIC is to be able to hire 75 additional consultants and quick. Having a new system that works would reduce the hiring time tremendously but taking the risk to update the system is critical. When updating a system, I would only expect a downtime of the system, possible loss of data, which would put a freeze on hiring which ultimately would affect the hiring process. I would take the risk because the benefits out ways the risk. To minimize this risk, I would a lot the time needed to successfully set a new system up without the rush and conduct backups on the current system. I would also try cloning the current system. In doing this you should be able to still manually process new employees.

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