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I can honestly say that I have not seen any commercials over the years that were so off target that it offended me. For the most part my family and I watch movies on our DVD, Netflix, or on our cable channel. I rarely watch the local news channel because I downloaded an app to stay informed about what is happening. In the 70s there was one that I sincerely found offensive; it was the Loves Baby Soft perfume commercial. In the advertisement they actually suggested that the image of little girls dressed in makeup and looking provocative to the audience I sincerely was very surprised that the Dana Company would think that this was the optimal marketing strategy for selling the product versus using a more effective campaign. As stated by Natalie Angley (Internet), “In a 1970s ad for Love's Baby Soft, a woman holds a lollipop to her lips with the tagline: "Because innocence is sexier than you think. She's dressed to look like a little girl but she's a little girl with cleavage, the fact that she's raising her skirt that her legs are apart, that she's sucking on a lollipop, all of this is designed to give a very strong sexual message at the same time that it denies it.” In my opinion it was extremely suggestive being that the person in the commercial was exposing her cleavage and displaying unacceptable acts. From my point of view it was sickening watching, today advertisers are more conscious of the kind of advertisement  the use because they realize that consumers will express their outrage if its offensive in any way and they must be held responsible for their actions ,especially when morals and standards are involved.


Angley, Natalie- CNN.com-Sexist ads in The Seventies,July 22, 2015

Retrieved from the World Wide Web/5/11/2017


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