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Respond to classmate 150 words. The question they had to answer. (Assume you have to deliver a very difficult message to your organization (or subunit). Specify and describe the steps and measures th

Respond to classmate 150 words. 

The question they had to answer. (Assume you have to deliver a very difficult message to your organization (or subunit). Specify and describe the steps and measures that you will use to help ensure the communication of this message will get the results that you want to get.)


When a company is entering an incorrect instruction, anyone in a company has the ethical obligation to share his/her sights on the present circumstances and might provide a challenging message to the company that the present instructions is incorrect. (Ivancevich 2018), “The element of change includes almost instantaneous communication and computation” (p.16). However, the message might produce some comments on everyone who are presently operating in that company however is essential to create them know and recognize the significance of production alter to the present instructions of a company to see potential customers in the future. However, providing a challenging message is not a simple job. It includes the complying with essential actions and steps:

Planning: It is the first step and important step in delivering difficult message. It involves the planning of what needs to be addressed by the organization, who are being affected etc. even if the process is time taking but is worth doing kind of impression should give by the message we plan to deliver. We should take sufficient time to think about things to be communicated. List the things and prioritize them with their significance. Proper planning of things to be communicated makes easy the other following steps.

Preparation of message: A message should be drafted based on the issues collected and prioritized. The top issues which have significance have to be taken into consideration to draft message. While drafting message we should be bold enough to include the factual information rather than fearful to persons or future consequences etc. Sometimes the message could damage our reputation in organization or in society but should be brave. The message should be a brief one that everyone should grasp the essence quickly.

Clarity on the message: The message what we prepare should have clarity though it is brief. It should be in a position to not to raise questions but answer the issues. If we think about the possible questions rose by the readers and include clarifications in the message it would be a great “bad news”. Use direct communication to spread the news in the organization to the right people.

The message may hurt the people involved, but it should be done for institution interest but not individual interest because if the institution exists the people exist. Sometimes it poses a question on ourselves about morals, ethics and humanity for the actions what we are taking but we should be bold enough take the lead and send communication about the message. In fact indirectly or in long term it helps to prevent the same for many people in the same organization.

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