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Respond to student post Annette post one paragraphProfessional roleI am currently persuading my Specialist degree in Special Education. My goal is to advance my career and increase my expertise in th

Respond to student post

 Annette post one paragraph

Professional role

I am currently persuading my Specialist degree in Special Education. My goal is to advance my career and increase my expertise in the special education field.  I want to be more effective with educating my students.  I love teaching and being in the classroom.  I know that challenges and problems will always occur in the education field.  I know that in order to be an effective educator I will have to help solve these issues when they occur.  One issue in the education field that I will like to solve is effectively communicating the Common Core State Standard Initiative to parents and explain how these new standards will affect the education that their child will be receiving.  Communication plays an important role and I will continue to effectively communicate with the parents of my students and other stakeholders.

Issue and Action

The problem that I identified with the case study was that many parents were not pleased and do not support the common core.  I concluded that they have issues with the Common Core State Standards Initiative because they were not given enough information.  I truly believe that any changes that are going to be implemented in the educational system need to be effectively communicated to all stakeholders.  Parents and the children are two important stakeholders.  We have to include the parents in any decisions that will affect the education of their children.  It has been proven that students that parents take an active role in their education are more successful than students that have parents that do not have an active role in their education.  My role as an educator is to encourage my parents to be involved in their child’s education.  This is something that is important to me.  I always encourage them to participate and visit my classroom. I want them to feel comfortable.   I encourage them to send me an email, visit my class webpage, schedule parents teacher conferences, come observe my classroom, read my weekly news letters and announcements, and call me during the school day or schedule a phone call after hours.   I also implement the advances in technology to communicate with my parents.  I like to use apps like Classdojo and Bloomz.  Each parent is unique and will choose a different way to communicate with me so I need to have many options available. I believe if we communicate the benefits of the Common Core to the parents and educate them they will embrace the standards.  If the Common Core State Standards are going to continue to be implemented we have to find a way to get everyone to support them so that we can focus on the success of all students.

Tashara post one paragraph

Professional Role: 

The Doctoral degree path in which I have decided to pursue is the Educational Administration and Leadership selection. With choosing this path, I am planning on learning how to develop strong leadership skills that promote dedication, integrity, creativity, innovation and growth and accountability. Some professional roles in which I would love to pursue after obtaining my doctoral degree in Education range from that of school and/or district leadership to that of a college president or provost.  


The Problem in which exist within in the case study in which I participated in was centered around various educational stakeholders that did not support Common Core Standards.  


As an administrator, I would work hard to ensure that student safety and learning are my top priority through leadership actions that build and support a learning organization focused on school success. According to Loeser, 2013 "Every school faces different demands and different expectations, from teachers to parents and from state to federal governments. No two schools serve the same student population or have the same demographics when comparing socioeconomic status, race, academic needs, family needs, etc. Every school is unique; therefore, every school leader faces a unique set of challenges and must be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the type of leadership required to lead a school toward overall improvement." Knowing this would cause me to put forth great efforts and work collaboratively to develop, implement and monitor an instructional framework that aligns curriculum with state standards, effective instructional practices, student learning needs and assessments. 

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