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response to the questions

Q. Leach asserted that student syndrome is a normal operating procedure for most people who wait until the task gets really urgent before working on them. Does this behavior contribute only to late projects or does it have an impact on society and culture as well? Is this a cultural phenomenon or is it human nature? What other impacts have you observed about the syndrome both positive and negative?

write two paragraph in response to the question (The questions are designed to get you to think beyond the face value of the readings, think critically about the material, assess its application, or ponder the historical/social impact of these techniques on our lives today. 

Q. Leach (2014) cited Peter Marris on page 107 (3rd page in the attached book) who argued that multitasking is a social construct used by the powerful on the less powerful to shield them from uncertainty. How much truth is evident in this perspective and in what ways is this apparent in modern business? Is it really possible to reduce the amount of expected multitasking?

Write 150-200 words a minimum of two short paragraphs and a maximum of three paragraphs

Use scholarly Cite and/or provide links to help readers associate and/or find the source you are paraphrasing or quoting. The reference to some source of scholarly information (text, external web site, or other books, articles, etc.) 

In attachment named (respons2), There are 3 pages each page have paragraph discussion you need to respond with one paragraph for each page. a total of 3 paragraphs  

Avoid responses that offer only right and wrong perspectives and ignore other possible answers; pose open-ended questions that invite dialog.

APA format for all 

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