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Responses needed

Need a 200 minimum response for each with reference. Need by Thursday evening.

Text: Business Driven Information Systems, Ch. 1.1: Business Driven MIS


Describe the information age and the differences among data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge.


Explain systems thinking and how management information systems enable business communications.

Text: Business Driven Information Systems, Ch. 4.1: Ethics


Explain the ethical issues in the use of information technology.


Identify the six epolicies organizations should implement to protect themselves.

Text: Business Driven Information Systems, Ch. 6.1 & 6.2: Data, Information, and Databases & Business Intelligence


Explain the four primary traits that determine the value of information.


Describe a database, a database management system, and the relational database model.


Identify the business advantages of a relational database.


Explain the business benefits of a data-driven website.

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