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I listed the issues that should be revised, pls have a look


·  Examine their ownership and control structures. 

·  In what ways do they differ? 

·  How do the priorities of the companies differ (if at all) as a result of ownership/control structures?

I didn't see you take about the ownership and countrol structure differ between these two company, especially you have to talk about their priorities of the company differ.


·  How have these institutional differences between home and host countries affected the ways in which the firms have internationalized? (Differences in the ways in which firms internationalize can include, for example, the location of key assets, the length of time that a company has operated abroad, the nationalities of board members, the structure of the company, and the power of foreign subsidiaries.) 

For this question, you may have 2 comparison, which is compare with : 

First home country(toyota,japan) and host country(kenya)

Second home country(tata india) and host country(kenya)

I didn't see you talk about the host country Kenya, so you also have to talk about the host country!

In addition, I think the following dimensions is very useful when talk about the internationlisation,hope it helps!

Dimensions of internationalisation 

• Proportion of assets located abroad 

• Proportion of technology development located abroad 

• Type of foreign technology development (new products for world market, new processes for international operations, product adaptations for local markets) 

• Type of foreign investment in different locations (greenfield, acquisition, joint ventures) 

• Type of subsidiary manager (expatriate, host society, third country) 

• Internationalisation of domestic management 

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