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For each critique, you must reserve a unique article based on a first-come, first-serve basis using the Discussion Board.  Early in the assigned module/week, you will create a new thread in the Discussion Board that will reserve the article you would like to critique.  In the subject line, include the the author(s), the article title, and the year it was published.  In the message box, provide the full citation, adhering to APA standards.  Be sure that none of your classmates has reserved the article you have chosen.  Once the article is reserved and the Article Critique is completed,  submit it through SafeAssign (a plagiarism detection tool) in the assigned module/week.  Each Article Critique must be 2½ - 3 pages and adhere to APA format.  It should be composed in a Word document and include a title page, abstract, and bibliography (none of which are included in the page count).  Each critique should be exclusively written in your own words--no quotations should be used.  The article you choose can relate to various disciplines within the topics discussed in the modules.  For example, your article may cover sport management, recreation, sociology, religion, etc., provided that these subjects can be related to what you are studying in the course content.  Book reviews published by peer-reviewed journals are not acceptable.  

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