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rewrite this to show the unethical practice and lawsuits

Despite Best Buy’s efforts to train an ethical and knowledgeable employee force, there

were some allegations and controversy over Best Buy employees, which gave the company

a black eye in the public mind. One lawsuit claimed that Best Buy employees had misrepresented

the manufacturer’s warranty in order to sell its own product service and replacement

plan. The lawsuit accused Best Buy of “entering into a corporate-wide scheme to institute

high-pressure sales techniques involving the extended warranties” and “using artificial barriers

to discourage consumers who purchased the ‘complete extended warranties’ from making

legitimate claims.”10

In a more recent case (March 2009), the U.S. District Court granted Class Action

certification to allow plaintiffs to sue Best Buy for violating its “Price Match” policy.

According to the ruling, the plaintiffs alleged that Best Buy employees would aggressively

deny consumers the ability to apply the company’s “price match guarantee.”11 The suit also

alleged that Best Buy had an undisclosed “Anti-Price Matching Policy,” where the company

told its employees not to allow price matches and gave financial bonuses to employees who


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