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Health care organizations are required to follow specific policies. Failure to comply may result in financial restitution, further investigation, and even closure of the health care organization. With information from your previous work (HIPAA,1996), discuss possible recommendations of your selected national or state health care policy. Also include a conclusion that summarizes your paper. Your paper should be reviewed for previous comments and edited as necessary to prepare for the development of your final draft. (see below for comments on previous papers).

Complete 1–2 pages in Word on the following:

  • Choose your national or state health care policy. (HIPAA)
  • Recommendations (100–200 words)
    • There should be 2–3 recommendations regarding the specific policy.
    • Thinking outside of the box is permitted with recommendations because this is a proposed study and has not been approved for actual research.
    • Recommendations should be supported with evidence-based research or other factual data.
  • Conclusion (200–400 words)
    • This should summarize the entire paper. (from the first 3 papers to now)
    • A brief discussion on the problem, purpose, and research questions should be present.

Suggested resource:

  • Each week, you will be presented with a different  resource. The weekly  resource does not need to be read in full. It should be used as a guide to keep you on track with your work.
  • Lockhart, W. S. (2007). The views of physicians on health care quality. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 221–n/a. The University of Saskatchewan (Canada). Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/304759596?accountid=50415. (304759596).

    Suggestions from previous work:

    Opportunities for improvement:  How far do you see this law meeting its objective and where are the pitfalls?  There are some who would say it did not meet their needs or decreased their benefits? Please proofread.   Which population will not be served? What other change management issues do healthcare strategists need to consider to reach their goal? Additional Comments: Synthesize the process of healthcare policy formulation and how change leaders employ this process for policy development.  (Please keep these in mind as we have one last paper after this one that ties all 4 together)

    2-3 pages, APA format, Please proof read.

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