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Safety and Accident Prevention, Project

Develop a safety training program that incorporates the four topics listed below into a topic of your choice. Topic examples might be falls or chemical hazards.

The four topics to be incorporated into your training program are:

1. accidents and their effects;

2. hazard analysis/prevention and safety management;

3. the OSH act, standards, and liability; and

4. theories of accident causation.

Also, your training program must include some form of trainee interaction and an examination/evaluation that tests their understanding.

Your training program should be at least three pages in length and in the appropriate APA format. This page length minimum does not include the title page, references, or trainee examination, including the answer sheet.

OSHA provides a great resource of sample safety and health programs intended to provide examples of written programs on various workplace safety and health topics. The link below will help you see how you might write your safety training program for this project:


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