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Assignment Instructions

Each student submits a 10 page (minimum less title and reference pages), double-spaced paper written in MS-Word and APA format examining one of the contemporary issues discussed during this course in detail

Compare and contrast the pros and cons of the rise of Private Military Companies (PMCs) and Private Security Companies (PSCs) and their operations in conflict zones. 

All papers must utilize a minimum of three verifiable reference sources and must be written using APA style format. Minimum page length is ten double-spaced pages exclusive of title and reference pages. See the information on this subject in the appendices in the syllabus, in "Web Resources," and the "Copied Resources" folder in "Course Materials." You may also utilize the information available to you in the "APUS Online Library."

The paper is written using the APA style as a guide for paper formatting and citations. See below for details.

Rubric categories assist me in grading your work. Detailed information on the Rubric criteria is contained in the Rubric folder in "Course Materials."


The paper must identify the following:

The contemporary issue (define it)

Discuss the issue from at least two viewpoints (comparison and contrast)

Define its applicability to the security profession

Provide a summation

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