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Save all employees entered on the keyboard into a file called "Employees.

1. Save all employees entered on the keyboard into a file called “Employees.dat”. 2. After the calculation of each employee payment is done, instead of printing all of the employee payments on screen save him or her information into a file called “Payments.dat”. 3. Enter five to ten samples of employees.

Write a program that calculates weekly payment. The program will ask the user full name, ID number (make one up), and hours worked. An hourly worker’s gross pay is basically his/her work hours that week multiplied by his/her regular hourly pay rate. However, after the first 40 work hours of the week, each additional work hour is paid at an overtime rate that is 1.5 times of the regular hourly rate. For example if the user’s hourly rate is $15 and worked for 48 hours, the additional 8 hours will be paid at $22.50/hour. Use 5% as tax deduction. The program will calculate and display the net payment. Use loop to allow users to enter multiple employees. Your program should include four functions as shown below: //This function gets employee information void getEmployee(string &name, string &id, double &hoursWork, double &ratePerHour); //This function calculates and returns gross pay double calculateGrossPay(double hoursWork, double ratePerHour); // This function calculates and returns net pay double calculateNetPay(double grossPay, int taxRate); // This function prints name, id, and net pay void printEmployeePayment(string name, string id, double netpay); Your main() should utilize the four functions above by calling them in your program to input, calculate and print the weekly payment. can you show that it works and runs. I do not ant to use float can you use double thanks.

This is wht i have so far

#include #include #include

using namespace std;

// This function will obtain employees information void getEmployee(string &fullname, string &id, double &hw, double &rph)

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