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Scenario ElectroShop is a company


ElectroShop is a company who acquire and sell electronic devices to customers throughout Vietnam. They are looking to apply their current data store system with a relational database.

The company takes orders from customers, who can order any quantity of many items that ElectroShop have in their current catalogue. The catalogue includes TV, Phone, etc.

Each of ElectroShop’s suppliers supplies many items but each item is supplied by one main supplier.

ElectroShop would like to add all the customers to the database so that they can send a mail-shot to them with any offers that are available, as well as the catalogue which is produced annually.

Salespersons at ElectroShop are paid a monthly bonus which is determined by the amount of sales they have made for each month. The company would like the bonus calculated automatically by the system.

As well as the monthly bonus figures ElectroShop would like to be able to create comparative reports from the system i.e. sales figures for each month this year compared to last year.

Task 1: Understand databases and data management systems (LO 1, 1.1, 1.2 and M3)

In this task you are required to prepare a report with the following points

- Define relational databases

- Understand major relational database management systems

- Identify major relational database management systems

- Identify main characteristics of relational databases

- Understand SQL’s role in relational database

- Recognize some indications of where a database could be useful

- Define a statement of work for above given database scenario

Hint: Refer to Chapter 1 of the Textbook of this course to know how to do these.

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