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SCI 100 Week 4 DQ 1

This work of SCI 100 Week 4 Discussion Questions 1 shows the solutions to the following problems:

Complete the self assessment in chapter 15 titled: Assess Yourself: Are you at Risk for CVD. Please answer the following questions:

- Where there questions that were you not able to answer since you do have not have accurate data measured within the past 12 - 30 months? If so, what actions could you take to obtain those data?

- By using, find a study with a wellness-based treatment and effectively lowered the score of one of the risk factors identified in the quiz. Explain the methods and findings of the study. p.s. Please include the text of this DQ question in your answer so your classmates know you are directly responding to this question and not another posting. Also, if you reply to a post that evolves the thread to another topic, please change the subject line to help the class as they browse through the postings.

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