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SCI 162 Week 1 DQs

In this document of SCI 162 Week 1 Discussion Questions you will find the next information:

1. Define and describe the six dimensions of health. Discuss how each element is important in your life.2. Does being physically healthy equate to having overall health and wellness?3. Do you think all six dimensions of health are equally important to achieving overall health and wellness? Explain and defend your answer.4. Pages 17-20 of your text describe various behavior change techniques: shaping,visualization, modeling, controlling the situation, reinforcement, and changing negativeself-talk into positive self-talk. Which technique do you think would work best for you?Please explain and reference the source.5. Post a 150 - to 300 word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: What are some of the challenges to achieving overall health and wellness? How can you overcome these challenges? Be sure to include in-text citations and your reference.

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