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Semiconductor Research problem

Discuss each problem starting on a new page. Your answer must be as complete as possible, but cannot exceed 2 typed pages (single space and including figures; margins 1” on all sides) per problem. Each problem is worth 4 pts. Make sure you identify source of information used, including, when appropriate, complete www addresses , on the last page(s) of the report . This is an individual assignment and it is critical that you formulate your answers in your own words.

1. You should be very knowledgeable by now with regard to the MOSFET fabrication procedure using Si wafers, or in other words in bulk MOSFET. Your task now is to

(a) introduce a structure of the Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) which is essentially a thin-film MOSFET and (b) identify and illustrate steps involved in its fabrication.

2. In our discussion, we were focused on IC fabrication technology (see title of the course). However, as you have probably noticed, I was stressing over and over again the fact that basically the same in nature fabrication methods are used in the manufacture of other key semiconductor devices. Your task is to show and explain fabrication steps involved in the fabrication of a solar cell using crystalline silicon substrates.

3. Electromigration is a highly undesired effect causing major reliability problems is advanced ICs. Use textbook and whatever other sources explain what is electromigration, how is it affecting reliability of advanced integrated circuits and how it can be minimized/ prevented.

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