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Service Provider PowerPoint

The Final Project is designed to demonstrate the skills you learned this semester with a thorough evaluation of one of your FAVORITE service providers. Make a list of the top five service providers you use, and carefully select the one that gives you the best opportunity to complete the assignment below.

Create a POWER POINT presentation with the following details. The final project should start with a title slide (Slide 1) and second slide with a description of the business (Slide 2). Part 1 should begin on Slide 3:

Part 1: On Slide 3, use 6-8 bullet points to describe the Service Delivery process... include all products and service that are delivered to customers in this business. Give specific examples of how the customer is served in the delivery process, and how it could be improved. This section should take up one to two slides.

Part 2: Next, describe the Pricing Strategy of the business...go back to the textbook examples of price strategy and create a chart to compare prices for this business versus one or two competitors. Analyze how effective the pricing plan is for the company. Is there anything that could be done differently or added to the pricing mix to increase sales and customer satisfaction?

Part 3: Evaluate the Communication Mix for the business. Give examples of the ads, websites, printed materials and other internal/external communication pieces. How does this mix portray the products and services of the company, as well as the overall quality and commitment to customers?

Part 4: Describe the Physical Evidence of the company. Include the building, signage, decor, parking, waiting areas, restrooms, service areas, and employee dress codes. How does this evidence help or harm the company's image and success? What changes would you suggest to the manager/owner for overall improvement?

Part 5: Discuss the behavior of Employees as well as other Customers. Give examples of interactions you have had with both, and how this interaction has affected your customer satisfaction. Do you see evidence of strong employee satisfaction, or does there seem to be a lack of employee morale? Relate your opinion to the examples you give in this section.

Part 6: Give an example of a Customer Satisfaction Survey that is used by this business. Evaluate the survey for more and less effective questions. What suggestions to you have to make it stronger and more effective in creating positive change for the company? If the company does not use surveys, explain what areas you believe the company could evaluate and improve through survey use.

Part 7: Discuss the concept if Service Failure and Recovery in the company. Give at least one example of when you witnessed the failure and recovery process and whether it had a positive (or negative) impact on your satisfaction levels.

Part 8: Describe the levels of Customer Retention in the business. Does the firm have constantly returning customers, including yourself, or are they experiencing a "revolving door" with customers entering and leaving? How could the firm improve customer retention? Are they spending enough time and money focusing on the 20% of customers who produce 80% of the profits? Give three recommendation for how the business could improve retention levels.

Summary: Explain why you feel so strongly that this business provides Excellent Service to its customers. Why do you like it so much? Give specific examples to support your opinion.

Remember that each of the sections (Part 1 through the Summary) should include one to two slides. The final project should include 12-20 slides total. Complete this Assignment and submit through Blackboard. Use brief comments on the slides--- each of the bullet points should be written in brief phrases. Include pictures (a photo really is worth a thousand words!), charts and graphs where appropriate to provide evidence for your evaluation wherever it is available (you may also provide Internet links to a website, etc).

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