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SHM Hotel Guest Ledger September 2016 Last Name First Name Tom Aaron Jacob Thomas Joseph Nancy Stephanie Deborah Alvin Ava Bernard Rachel Natasha

please help by turning in no later than 7:30 or i will not

heres the directions

HM 271 Lecture - Conditional Formatting Homework

Due date: Sep 29nd (Friday) 11:59pm

The excel file you worked on should be uploaded to Canvas, under "Assignment" menu. One submission by student. No corrupted files accepted.

Formatting (20 points)

  1. Format the tables (title, numbers, borders, cell styles etc.)
  2. Freeze panes so that the title row (top three rows 1, 2, and 3) and the column containing the
  3. last names (Column A) are always visible.

Using absolute / relative reference (30points)

The City collects a 2.0% Tourist Tax to pay for loan incurred when constructing a new convention center. Using an absolute/relative reference so as to be able to copy the formula without re-writing it:

  1. Compute column E: Total Rate = Room Rate × (1 + City Tax rate)
  2. Compute column F : Outstanding Balance = Total Rate × Guest nights

Using conditional formatting (50 points)

  1. Highlight the cells for the 10 lowest Outstanding Balance in column F.
  2. With a different color, highlight the rows where the Outstanding Balance Exceeds the Balance
  3. Limit in cell in cell K5. 
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