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short essay-200 words

For Chapter 15: The Path Ahead: Personal and Social Choices, discuss two of the six questions below. In your submission, identify by number which questions you are answering.

  1. Compare and contrast your own feelings about taking a course in death and dying with those expressed by the students quoted in the text.
  2. Suggest and evaluate at least three societal applications of death education.
  3. Summarize the current state of death education and suggest areas that you think deserve further study.
  4. Summarize the conditions associated with an appropriate death.
  5. Interpret the poem “The Angel of Death” and explain what you think the author is saying about the relationship of death to life.
  6. Discuss the contributions of thanatological studies, as presented in the chapter, to the general ability of human beings to deal with their own dying and death.
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