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Short report proposal

  Just one page with single space. There are some topics you can choose one of them. 




Regional origin


Social Class



Sexual Orientation

Physical Ability

There are some requirements:

  1. You will post information about two to three topics you are considering for your research proposal.
  2. Include the definition of your topic, why it is important in business, where you will find additional information, and possible solutions to bring about positive change in an organization in relation to your topic.
  3. 1. Type this as a memo and address it to your instructor.

    2. Include headings in the memo:

    • Overview (topic, definition, and background information),
    • Issues (business related problems related to topic),
    • Research (types of sources to support research),
    • Audience (who needs to know this), and
    • Call to Action (conclusion and request to move forward).

    3. Be precise in your writing and get to the point. Provide necessary details.

    4. Check your spelling and grammar.

    5. Proposal should not exceed one page.

    6. Topic should be researchable and lead into the short research report where you will be making recommendations for improvement.

    7.You are preparing to write a research proposal that will lead to a short research report. The topics you can use for this report should come from the textbook that deal with diversity in the workplace and the subsequent issues. This is a proposal that will also feed into the short research report and presentation coming up. Look at this as educating your "office" on some important topic related to the workplace, workers, clients, etc. Your report will be educational while making recommendations for improvement and/or change.

    Finally,i attatched one Sample format below

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