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Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis – Ethics in the Workplace Tuesday

This situational analysis will enable students to apply the theories of this course to a real business situation.  Students are expected to identify a real ethical situation in his/her work (past or present), or a situation in another business organization, that occurred within the past five years.   Students have the option to use his/her capstone research topic if applicable, or use a difference workplace environment.

Identify the ethical dilemma(s) that impact decision making, describe what makes this an ethical issues, and apply a decision making model to the dilemma. 

The written report should be 5-6 pages (in addition to title page and references), should cite a minimum of two relevant scholarly sources that support your work.  A summary of your situational analysis and findings will be shared with the class during the last module.  Sharing of projects will expand the scope of understanding of ethical decision making in different situations.

Required elements of this assignment include the following:

  • Cover page which includes your name, course name, assignment name, title, instructor’s name, and date

  • Page numbers in the upper right corner

  • Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference List

  • Double-space, 12 point font, one inch margins

  • Compliance with APA, 6th edition

  • Abstract and Table of Contents are not required for this assignment

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