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As mentioned in lecture, compounding interest can be considered the "eighth wonder of the world." Interest earning interest grows exponentially, which is a very powerful force of nature that can create great wealth over a long period of time. 

Warren Buffett, who is considered one of the greatest investors of all time, saved his money over time and used compounding interest to grow that money exponentially. He then gave that away billions of dollars during his sunset years. 

George Mueller, who is considered a great man of faith, never saved a dime. He gave away every dollar that was given to him. He used the money given to him to build orphanages all over England in the 1800s. 

QUESTION: Because of the great wealth that was given, would it be better for society if you were Warren Buffett rather than George Mueller?

  1. Answer the ending question above, "yes" or "no." Define the Biblical moral principle you used to justify your answer.
  2. Now define a moral principle (whether Biblical, or not) that would justify you to answer the other way.
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