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SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz

In this paperwork of SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz you will find the answers on the next questions:

1. Which theoretical perspective puts emphasis on the fact that many prostitutes have been abused by men in childhood?

2. Functional theorists point out that one function of prostitution is to provide a sexual outlet for men who

3. The Supreme Court recently ruled that "tasteful" nudity is permissible in legitimate theatrical productions and art but not in "low" art forms such as striptease dancing. According to ________, this decision is an example of the justices ruling that their own classbased artistic preferences are not pornographic while those of the lower classes are.

4. Kinsey's studies revealed that ________ percent of American males have had at least one experience with a samesex partner which resulted in an orgasm.

5. In Latin America, prostitutes are generally regarded as serious criminals who deserve to be put to death.

6. In the professionalization stage of becoming a prostitute, women try to normalize their actions as a way of resolving their role ambivalence.

7. ________ refers to a supposed medical condition that causes children to have difficulty paying attention and to disrupt classroom activities.

8. Antismoking campaigns have led to

9. In the last century, opium and morphine could be purchased legally in drug stores and grocery stores.

10. Drugs were not used in ancient times.

11. The cluster of congenital problems, including birth defects, which is caused by alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy is called

12. Which of the following suggestions was included in the text as a proposed solution to the contemporary drug problem?

13. According to the functionalist perspective, violence works often

enough to be perpetuated.

14. One of the factors which promoted reconceptualizing rape as a social rather than a personal problem was

15. Which of the following countries has the lowest murder rate?

16. Anomie is a term used to describe feelings of being uprooted and estranged.

17. Between 1968 and 1980, the U.S. violent crime rate

18. Fear of becoming a victim of violence is an example of

19. Police discretion is often based on officers' stereotypes of what kind of people commit crimes.

20. Restitution involves compelling offenders to directly repay their victims.

21. A major stimulus to the growth of the Mafia was

22. Deterrence refers to punishing criminals in order to uphold collective values and to demonstrate that criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

23. Many poor people spend months or even years behind bars awaiting trial while wealthy people accused of the same crime can easily afford to bail themselves out.

24. The notion that the Mafia originated in Sicily is a myth.

25. The constitutionally guaranteed right to a public trial is often shortcircuited by

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