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1. You referred Mrs. S. to an optometrist for testing of her visual acuity. You have just received the report and find
that she has 20/10 vision. Incorporating this information into the rehabilitation plan you and Mrs. S. are discussing, you would keep in mind that this means she:
2. The largest problem in finding employment for an individual who is blind often is:
3. After release from a treatment facility for substance dependence, Mr. M. has been asked to see you on a regular basis for follow-up and to discuss his future vocational goals. His medical record states that he has hepatitis C. Although you will want to obtain additional medical information, you suspect that he may have
contracted hepatitis C
4. Mr. E. is ready for vocational placement. You have already determined that one of the first priorities in the workplace, given his occupation, is a TDD. The TDD will
5. Results of psychological tests
6. The diagnosis of Intellectual Disability is determined by
7. The degree of vocational impact of a visual disorder depends on
8. Mr. M. has had increasing loss of hearing over the last 10 years. Societal responses to individuals who are hard of hearing
9. Which of the following is true of dementia?
10. Axis III of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV-TR (DSM-IV-TR)

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