SOC 313 Week 4 Quiz

This pack of SOC 313 Week 4 Quiz consists of:

1. Mrs. P. had worked as a legal secretary until she developed carpal tunnel syndrome. She has now been referred for surgery. Based on your knowledge of carpal tunnel syndrome, you know that she will have surgery involving the
2. Mr. K., after six months of hemodialysis, had a kidney transplant. Now he is on immunosuppressants. One of the side effects of immunosuppressants you would be especially aware of when working with Mr. A. on his modified rehabilitation plan is
3. The main function of the kidneys is
4. You are the administrator of a large rehabilitation facility and have just received a report that one of the staff working in the facility has had a positive tuberculosis skin test. You would expect that she should
5. Those with burns to the upper body, especially the head and neck may be prone to
6. When placing individuals with end-stage renal disease in a work setting all of the following are criteria to consider except
7. Electrical burns, because they are generally full thickness burns
8. Asthma is
9. Herpes zoster, or shingles, is
10. In general, when working with individuals with musculoskeletal disorders to help them evaluate vocational potential, it is important to consider that

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