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SOC 490 Week 4 DQ 2 Ethical Research in the Social Sciences

This archive file of SOC 490 Week 4 Discussion Question 2 Ethical Research in the Social Sciences contains:

Find the most interesting, bizarre, or blatant example of a violation of good ethical conduct in research in the social sciences. Explain the experiment. What theories, ideas, behaviors, or phenomena were being analyzed? What were the attributes of the population that the researchers chose to use for their experiments? What did they do to the population over the course of the experiments? After you have explained the experiment and its procedure, then provide an argument that displays why this research methodology was unethical. Remember to support your arguments with factual evidence and logical reasoning.

Note: Do not overlap cases with other students. Each case presented should be unique. You cannot receive full credit for a post that overlaps with another student if that student posted before you. If someone posts your desired example before you do, please find another case.

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