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The Sociological Nature of Current Events, Click Here To Enlarge [JPG, File Size 467 KB].

This discussion addresses Module Outcome 2. Pages 31 and 32 in the Ferris and Stein text provide an example of the three sociological approaches to a theoretical analysis of celebrity gossip: Structural Functionalism [Video, 2:14 mins]; Conflict Theory[Video, 1:58 mins]; and Symbolic Interactionism [Video, 1:54 mins]. This analysis demonstrates that there is no wrong way to apply sociological theories to a social situation. The theory that most tend to apply is the one that best fits their understanding of how society works. Many researchers today blend elements of two or more theories when they analyze a situation. For example, a social psychologist may blend conflict theory and symbolic interaction to understand the stress that social barriers place on the impoverished. There is no wrong way to approach an analysis based in and upon theory. For this discussion, you will pick a current event that you find interesting, and then analyze this event using each of the major theoretical approaches.

Before beginning this activity, be sure to read the Module Notes and the assigned readings and viewings. Use as much detail from the readings and other learning materials in the module as possible to answer the following questions.

Choose a current event of interest to you and provide a link to the news source that covers the current event you will discuss. Analyze this event using each of the major theoretical approaches.

  1. How do you explain the current event you have chosen using Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism?
  2. Which theoretical approach fits best with your understanding of society?
  3. Why do you believe this approach fits best?

Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings with proper APA style formatting.

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