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sociology questions

Each response should be thorough enough to answer all parts of the question. Average length should be about one paragraph or so.

1. Discuss gender inequality in school, work, and the household. Be specific by showing examples in each of the institutions. Are the connected with one another?

2. What is the difference between stereotypes and discrimination? How are they related? Provide at least one example of a stereotype that historically allowed people of color and immigrants to be discriminated? What about a current stereotype that operates to discriminate as well?

3. Identify at least three factors that are related to the high divorce rate in the United States. Why has the divorce rate increased over the course of the last century?

4. Why has it been suggested that the U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rates amongst all high-income countries? How does this relate to our larger discussion about sexual education in the U.S. and our culture's overall view of handling of sexuality?

No need for original writing, it can also be copied from reliable sources; the importance stays at answering correctly the four questions.

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