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Some help with a math project.

The purpose of this assignment is to have you practice creating visuals using the data from the topic you chose in Week 3. Creating charts and trendlines is an important skill used in many careers.

Watch How to Create Trendlines and Scatterplots in Excel®.

Watch Week 4 Lynda.com® Video: Adding Trendlines to Charts.

Create at least two visuals using your data. 

  • Create a scatter plot of the data, and apply a linear model (also known as a regression) in Excel®.
  • Create a scatter plot of the data, and apply an exponential model in Excel®.
  • Include the equation and R2 value on the visuals.
  • Determine whether the linear or the exponential model is a better representation of your data to make your prediction. Explain why the model you chose is a better representation of your data.

Hints for Making an Effective Chart:

  • Decide why you are making a chart from this data.
  • Rename the chart title to something appropriate for the data.
  • Put in a descriptive x-axis label.
  • Put in a descriptive y-axis label.
  • Resize the chart as needed so it is easily viewable.
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