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Southern Gardens Citrus is the largest supplier of private label orange juice in the U. In 1997, Kroger, America's largest supermarket chain, named...

Southern Gardens Citrus is the largest supplier of private label orange juice in the U.S. In 1997,

Kroger, America's largest supermarket chain, named it Kroger's Outstanding Supplier of the

Year. Southern Gardens Citrus more than likely uses __________ in its dealings with Kroger.

a) order takers

b) forestalling

c) new-task buying

d) major account management

86. The workload method is used to:

a) select which sales presentation format to use.

b) calculate commission compensation payment.

c) determine how much training a salesperson needs.

d) determine the size of a sales force.

87. The three major tasks involved in the implementation stage of the sales management process


a) sales force recruitment and selection, sales force training, and sales force motivation and


b) setting sales objectives, organizing the sales force, and developing account management


c) organizing the sales force, quantitative assessment, and follow-up.

d) organizing the sales force, setting motivational sales quotas, and evaluating the individual

members of the sales force.

88. Which of the following is NOT an example of behavioral measures used to evaluate


a) assessment of salesperson's attitude and attention to customers

b) product knowledge and selling and communication skills

c) customer satisfaction

d) accounts generated and profit achieved

89. was one of the first to deliver customer relationship management (CRM)

software over the Internet. Many companies are using CRM to create more sales with existing

customers. UpShot, Salesnet, and OracleSalesOnline quickly followed with other

sales support software. All of these companies are banking on the increasing importance of

__________ as a growing source of sales.

a) e-commerce

b) distribution elasticity

c) media convergence

d) sales force automation

90. Sales management is most accurately defined as the:

a) allocation of funds for promotion and advertising.

b) recruiting, hiring or firing, and training of a company's sales force.

c) segmentation and selection of target markets to be addressed by a company's sales force.

d) planning of the selling program and implementing and controlling of the personal selling

effort of the firm.

91. Which of the following statements about personal selling is true?

a) Salespeople are the company in consumers' eyes.

b) In terms of the marketing mix, personal selling is part of distribution.

c) The customer is the link between the company and its sales force.

d) All of the above statements about personal selling are true.

92. is an online real estate company that allows agents to advertise their home

listings on Homestore sites for a fee. Rather than cut out the middlemen and go straight to

buyers, as so many early similar Web companies sought to do, Homestore included real estate

agents. The company has a 200-person sales force that calls on real estate agents every day,

educating agents about Internet basics like how to e-mail and surf the Web as well as pushing

subscriptions to Homestore's network of websites. How would you classify the Homestore


a) as rack jobbers

b) as inside order takers

c) as order getters

d) as outside order takers

93. Which of the following activities is NOT typically a responsibility of an order taker?

a) processing of routine orders

b) replenishing inventory of resellers

c) soliciting new accounts

d) completing customer transactions

94. What kind of salesperson are you most likely to find working in the pharmaceutical industry?

a) order taker

b) team salesperson

c) sales engineer

d) missionary salesperson

95. A sales engineer is a:

a) salesperson who specializes in identifying, analyzing, and solving customer problems and

brings know-how and technical expertise to the selling situation, but often does not actually

sell products and services.

b) salesperson who processes routine orders or reorders for products that are presold by the


c) person on the selling team who are responsible for supervising his or her company's R&D


d) member of the sales support team who does not directly solicit orders but rather

concentrates on performing promotional activities and introducing new products.

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