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Speech homework

Perception is the process of making meaning from others' behavior and the things we experience in our environment. When this process is applied to people and relationships we refer to it as interpersonal perception. Review Chapter 6 of your text paying particular attention to the three-part direct perception check on pages 128-129. see attached.

Imagine yourself playing a role in the scenarios below. Respond to each scenario with a direct perception checking statement that includes all three elements. You should only include your perception checking statement. There is no need to define or label terms. (1) You have been assigned to a group in your History class to complete a class project. A few weeks before the assignment is due, one of your group members begins to miss group meetings, and has also missed deadlines for completing their part of the project. You are beginning to worry their lack of participation will result in a lower grade on the assignment for you and the other group members.(2) You made what you thought was an excellent suggestion to your supervisor as a solution to scheduling problems occurring in your department. Your supervisor seemed uninterested, but indicated she would look into the matter as soon as possible. Three weeks have passed and you have not received follow-up and the scheduling problems continue.

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