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Sports Medicine Paper

This is for a Sports Medicine class and the paper is on why I want to become a personal trainer.  Below are the specifics for the paper.

7 pages APA format

What is the marketability for personal trainers and has how the business grown over time?

Key points to be included within paper:

- I enjoy new ways to keep a body healthly

- As a personal trainer I will be exposed to new technology and ideas that will help me come up with my own workout routines

- I want to help others, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are rampant in our society. If i become a personal trainer I can teach others how to avoid the hardships of such disease 

- I would like to own my own gym some day so I can learn all of the requirements of owning a gym that entails working with clients and the equipment

- Becoming a personal trainer will help guarantee a sastifying and productive life for myself

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