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Spring 2010 Why are several digestive enzymes secreted as zymogens Multiple Choices:

Spring 2010Why are several digestive enzymes secreted as zymogens2 marks eachChoose the most appropriate answers to statements or questions given and then shade their letters on the scantron sheet provided.1. Most of the body water is in theA. intracellular fluid (ICF).B. tissue (interstitial) fluid.C. extracellular fluid (ECF).D. blood plasma and lymph.E. transcellular fluid.2. Which statement about antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is incorrect? A. has a similar effect as angiotensin II secretion.B. promotes water conservation.C. stimulates hypothalamic osmoreceptors.D. inhibits salivation and thirst.E. is produced by the pituitary gland3. Water output is significantly controlled through variations in A. metabolic water.B. sweating.C. cutaneous transpiration.D. drinking.E. urine volume.will be:A. dehydrationB. loss of critical ionsC. possible alkalosisD. effects of pathogenic toxins overriding the action ADH

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