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Real-Life Applications of Binomial Distribution" (Note: Please respond to one [1] of the following two [2] bulleted items)

·       Provide one (1) real-life example or application of a binomial distribution. Explain how the example matches the conditions for the binomial distribution.

·       Determine the conditions under which you would use a discrete probability distribution rather than a continuous probability distribution. Provide one (1) example to illustrate your reasoning.

So I have been taking tennis lessons.  In fact, in the week one discussion I gave you an example of a binomial statistics, I win 20% of the time at the net.  The options, are win the point, don't win the point.  I am not s good at this aspect of the game, out of 100 times in a duel at the net, I will only win 20 times!  In short I stink!

At every practice I am obsessed with the binomial, over the net, not over the net.  When you hit the ball, either it goes over the net, defined in my case as success or it doesn't, defined in my case as failure.  My current rate success is 90%.  So my current rate of failure is 10%.

So there is a second binomial with which I am obsessed, in or out.  Now if the ball goes over the net, the next measure of victory, is, does the ball stay in bounds, success, or does it go out of bounds, failure.  My chances of success and failure on the in out measure are not quite as good.  In bounds, 70% of time, so my failure rate is 30%.

Ok, I hit 500 balls, how many go in during each practice?

What makes this distribution discrete?

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