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A. Discuss the process for hypothesistesting.

    • Discuss the steps of hypothesis testing (should be around 8steps).
    • When performing the steps for hypothesis testing, which method doyou prefer: P-Value method or Critical Value method?Why?

B. Perform the hypothesistest.

    • If you selected Option1:

      • Original Claim: The average salary for all jobs in your state isless than$65,000.
      • Test the claim using α = 0.05 and assume your data isnormally distributed and σ isunknown.
    • If you selected Option2:

      • Original Claim: The value from the data set is less than x(make an educatedguess).
      • Test the claim using α = 0.05 and assume your data isnormally distributed and σ isunknown.

 Based on your selected topic, answer thefollowing:

  1. Write the null and alternative hypothesis symbolically andidentify which hypothesis is theclaim.
  2. Is the test two-tailed, left-tailed, or right-tailed?Explain.
  3. Which test statistic will you use for your hypothesis test; z-test ort- test?Explain.
  4. What is the value of the test-statistic? What is theP-value?
  5. What is the criticalvalue?
  6. What is your decision; reject the null or do not reject thenull?
    1. Explain why you made your decision including the resultsfor your p-value and the criticalvalue.
  7. State the final conclusion in non-technicalterms.

Please show your work for the construction of the test-statistic and explainyour process for finding the p-value and critical value. You can use Microsoft Excelto do your calculations. The assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word, butyou can reference your spreadsheet in your writeup.

 This assignment should be formatted using APA guidelines

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