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Stock A Stock B Stock C Stock D Stock E Portfolio Alpha Beta Expected Return Actual Return Outperformed (Yes/No)?

5 large ( > $1 billion market cap) publicly traded companies that you might want to invest in. Make sure all 5 companies have been publicly traded with daily price data available in Yahoo Finance for at least the last 5 years. Create a portfolio that invests 24% of $1 million in company A, 22% in company B, 20% in company C, 18% in company D, and 16% in company E. 

Please take a look at the Excel template here down below. The purpose of the template is to make it easier for you to figure out what data you need to use and what the answers should look like. Please fill out the template below.

Please provide information, from Bloomberg, on the following (for each company): Company name, Ticker, CEO, Market capitalization, P/E ratio, Dividends, Competitor 1, Competitor 2, Competitor 3, Competitor 4, Revenue (most recent year), Revenue projection (current year), Revenue growth projection, EPS (most recent year), EPS projection (current year), EPS growth projection, Long-term credit rating.

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Stock AStock BStock CStock DStock EPortfolioAlphaBetaExpected ReturnActual ReturnOutperformed (Yes/No)?
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