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Strategic Plan, Part 1: Environmental Scan or Alternative Capstone Project with Live Client


o     Follow the instructions based on decision to complete the Strategic Plan or Alternative Capstone Project: 

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Environmental Scan

You will perform an environmental scan for your target company. 

Choose an organization according to the following:

  • Current employer
  • Most recent or former employer
  • Place of business that you have patronized or have been familiar with over a long period of time. 
    • Avoid choosing an organization that is so large that historical data would be difficult to apply. Firms in the Russell 2000® index may fit well, whereas firms in the Dow 30 Industrial index probably do not. 
  • The organization can be a start-up that you or a significant other may create in the future. For a start-up, focus on an entrepreneurial idea that is of substantive interest, so this project leaves you with a product you may leverage in the future.

Writea 1,050-word minimum environmental analysis in which you include the following: 

  • Determine how to create value and sustain competitive advantage using the environmental scanning strategy.
  • Evaluate the company's external environment.
  • Assess the company's general environment.
  • Evaluate the organization's industry operating environment.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines.

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 

Alternative Capstone Project with Live Client   NOT

Although you are working as part of a group, you will need to submit each section of this assignment as an individual assignment as well as enter it into BizGear®. Each individual of the team will submit an identical assignment into the Individual Assignment Files tab.  

Note:Please take notice you may not use all of the sections of the BizGear® outline. You can edit and remove unused sections within the software. Use only those sections that are relevant to the client problem and solution. Feel free to add sections as appropriate to your client. 

Selectan actively operating business. No startups or self-owned companies. Complete the arrangement letter and have it signed by all parties. A template for the arrangement letter is provided. 

Conductan environmental scan on an external, general, and industry operating environment level.

Conduct local market research for your business. 

Analyzeyour research data and draft for findings for your industry, market, and customer research.

Develop a 1,050-word minimum analysis considering your research and the following:

  • Explain what people will be your key contacts as you research your industry and market and why.
  • Analyze your research data and draft for findings for your external, general, industry, market, and customer research.
  • Justify the research methods you used to acquire your data. 

Formatyour assignment consistent with APA guidelines including citations and references.

Savethe environmental scan research assignment for input into BizGear® in Week 3.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines. 

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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